Renewable energy is more than a strong statement about social responsibility, it can also drive real bottom line benefits. But to be successful, organizations need to team with a strategic partner that can help them maximize the benefits of solar in innovative ways. Beyond energy and OPEX savings, companies that invest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have realized higher stock prices, greater public satisfaction, and more engaged employees.

Why renewable energy for businesses?


Drive Customer Loyalty

At a customer level, there is real power behind being perceived as a good corporate citizen. Recent research finds that two-thirds of the population will choose products from sustainable sources over other conventional products, and that these buyers have personally changed their behavior to minimize their impact on global climate change.


Improve Employee Retention and Commitment

Not only will your customers take notice of your decision to go solar, but your employees will as well. Promoting your CSR activities can increase employee retention and help attract the best talent.


Attract Investment Dollars

Institutional investors are an attractive source of capital for corporations, and these investors prefer to make investments in companies with stronger CSR profiles. Businesses can lower risk through built-up moral capital by adopting renewable energy.

Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Our team of energy analysts, project financing innovators, engineers and solar experts are ready to work with you to deliver a site-by-site road map of deployment for the future. See below for more information about our best-in-class renewable energy solutions available for your organization.


Rooftop Solar

Roof-mounted solar leverages your most underused asset: the roof above you. If you have space above your head, this could be the right solution for you.

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Parking Canopy Solutions

Solar parking canopy systems leverage your existing parking lot to reap the benefits of renewable energy. This means a cooler place in the summer, protection from the elements, and savings from clean, renewable electricity for your organization.

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Off-Site Solutions

Sometimes solar simply will not work on or around your building. Your organization can now subscribe to a portion of electricity from a system located at a remote location in your community.

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Energy Storage

While solar production offsets energy usage over time, batteries allow you to store this energy for times when the sun isn’t shining so that your peak demand is lower. Storage can also mean backup power for your facility and load shifting.

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