Our Vision

To be the industry’s most respected and innovative renewable energy provider.

Our Mission

To transform the energy sector in ways that:

CUSTOMERS recommend,
EMPLOYEES embrace,
PARTNERS value, and
Our PLANET needs.

Our Values

ForeFront people are here because we care about our work and what we do.  We are here to work hard, make a difference, and demonstrate what can be accomplished with our can-do attitude.
One Planet
We are building energy systems that reduce carbon and enhance the health of our entire planet.  ForeFront people believe in sustainability, it’s a value that encompasses a broad range of aspirations ranging from social responsibility, stewardship and economic sustainability, to understanding and promoting the environmental benefits of distributed generation.  Our work with low income community solar is an example of how we think creatively about how to serve our customers.
ForeFront people are competitive, we are willing to take risks and we are going to make things happen.  We are here to win, and to win the right way!  Our aggressive, bold spirit is strengthened by other important values, including discipline, level-headedness, and respect.
ForeFront employees are entrepreneurial.  Being fast, practical and pragmatic is part of our entrepreneurial spirit, and so are the ideas of creating value and understanding how you contribute to our company’s and customer’s success.  People at ForeFront like to get things done and we take responsibility for making things happen.
Respect for each other and for our customers is a fundamental ForeFront value.  Honesty, integrity, and communication build respect.  Strong companies are built on the mutual respect that allows collaboration and teamwork.  It’s the essential building block that allows us to perform at our highest levels.