If you have available land at your facility or nearby, ground mounted systems offer great value and economies of scale. Each system is customized for your site based on the local environment, orientation, and electrical design.


Best Value

Ground-mounted solar is the best value per watt compared to other installation methods. Installation, including materials and labor, is typically cheaper than roof mounted or parking canopy solutions due to economy of scale benefits.


Built to Last

The system can be preassembled in the factory to allow streamlined installation, and the all-steel design ensures best in class strength and durability.


Optimized Electricity Generation

Ground mounted systems are not limited by the slope of your roof or size of your parking lot, allowing customized panel tilt to maximize electricity production. These solutions also offer more flexibility with the site layout and row spacing. Solar trackers, which automatically adjust module tilt throughout the day, may also be good candidates for your site.



Beyond the benefit of electricity savings, solar can help your organization meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals as you participate in clean energy while helping your state and community climb towards renewable energy targets.

How It Works


Project Timeline

Included Features


System Monitoring

With our company as your long-term solar project manager, you receive access to monitoring through a web-based asset management application that delivers insight into the performance of your solar project.


Operations & Maintenance

Our approach makes solar simple. All solutions include full management over the life of the project, including design, installation, operations, and maintenance.


Portfolio Management

Our team of professionals is experienced at handling multi-site, geographically dispersed portfolios of solar sites. With a single point of contact for your account, we’ll always be ready to respond to your needs, wherever they may be.


Residential Solar Programs

Our team can help you wow your customers and impress your employees by providing special residential solar opportunities you can share with them.