Energy storage technologies have experienced a number of recent innovations that have driven down their cost of implementation. While solar production offsets energy usage over time, batteries allow you to store this energy for times when the sun isn’t shining so that your peak demand is lower. These demand charges can account for over half of your electricity bill each month and batteries can help reduce those charges.


Demand Charge Savings

Demand charges can account for up to 50% of your electricity bill, based on the most intense 15-minute spike in usage each month. Energy storage reduces usage spikes and demand charges with no upfront cost to our customers.


Load Shifting

Electricity is more expensive during peak periods when demand is highest. Energy storage allows you to shift your consumption to off-peak periods when electricity is least expensive.


Backup Power and Resiliency

Storage systems can provide backup power to your facility. Stored energy is charged by the solar system and can be reserved for emergency operations.

Premium Technology

Our team uses only high-quality, UL-listed components in our products including top-end Lithium ion batteries and a 10-year direct manufacturer warranty on all main components.