Your non-profit organization can now leverage the benefits of solar energy to take control of your energy budget and reduce the environmental impact of your facilities. Even without tax liability, a Power Purchase Agreement offers no upfront costs and low solar energy rates that include the value of tax credits and other policy benefits that are currently available.

Why renewable energy for your non-profit organization?


Affordable and Predictable

Solar energy gives non-profit organizations an alternative to expensive, unpredictable energy expenditures. We can beat typical utility rates to provide cost savings from the first day of operation and tremendous savings over the long term. A solar facility operating under a Power Purchase Agreement also provides steady, predictable performance and cost. The result is easier planning, budgeting, and forecasting.


Job Creation

Adopting solar means new job creation in your community. According to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Job Census, the solar industry employed nearly 174,000 workers across all 50 states by the end of 2014, growing by 86 percent compared to the previous year. Another benefit to embracing solar in your community is that this job growth will directly affect your own citizens.


Community Leadership and Sustainability

Solar will gain quick attention from local citizens. Embracing renewables will lower the carbon footprint of your local community while also supporting clean energy investment in your state.


Stabilize Your Budget

We work closely with private, public, and non-profit institutions to help stabilize energy budgets, implement discounts, and develop long-term strategic plans. Our focus is on building innovative, dependable solutions that deliver maximum value to our customers. This means non-profit organizations can focus on higher priorities, such as fundraising and community programs.

Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Our team of energy analysts, project financing innovators, engineers and solar experts are ready to work with you to deliver a site-by-site road map of deployment for the future. See below for more information about our best-in-class renewable energy solutions available for your organization.


Rooftop Solar

Roof-mounted solar leverages your most underused asset: the roof above you. If you have space above your head, this could be the right solution for you.

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Parking Canopy Solutions

Solar parking canopy systems leverage your existing parking lot to reap the benefits of renewable energy. This means a cooler place in the summer, protection from the elements, and savings from clean, renewable electricity for your organization.

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Off-Site Solutions

Sometimes solar simply will not work on or around your building. Your organization can now subscribe to a portion of electricity from a system located at a remote location in your community.

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Energy Storage

While solar production offsets energy usage over time, batteries allow you to store this energy for times when the sun isn’t shining so that your peak demand is lower. Storage can also mean backup power for your facility and load shifting.

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